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Best Safety Bed Rails For Elderly People

According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, 2.8 million elderly people are treated in emergency departments for injuries due to falling.  Head injuries and hip fractures are some of the most common injuries from these falls (300,000 elderly people being hospitalized per year because of hip fractures due to falls).(1.) One of the… Read More »

Best Exercise Machines For Seniors / Elderly

As we get older, it is important to remain active and mobile.  Weak muscles, stiff joints and reduced blood flow are just some of the conditions older people face due to a sedentary lifestyle.  Along with a a healthy diet, 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day can go a long way towards strengthening… Read More »

Best GPS Tracking Device For Seniors / Elderly

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and can give the exact location and time of a GPS receiver.  This system has been manufactured into small devices that can be carried around by children and adults to give the exact location of that person at all times.   Wherever, the GPS device goes, the tracking system… Read More »

Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors / Elderly

There are a number of reasons why recumbent bikes are more popular with older people than the regular upright exercise bike.  One of the top reasons is comfort.  An issue I have with upright bikes is how uncomfortable the saddles are.  After a 10 to 20 minutes of cycling, I want to stop and it… Read More »

Best Electric Beds For The Elderly

Throughout our lives we spend around a third of it sleeping on a bed.  As we age, getting in and out of bed can become more challenging, therefore, finding a specially designed bed becomes a good investment to make this process a whole lot easier. When suffering from ailments like arthritis or osteoporosis, having a… Read More »

Top Rated Best Shower Seats For The Disabled and Elderly

Taking a shower and getting into the bathtub can be a difficult process when dealing with a disability.  A transfer bench is an ideal way to get in and out, however a simple shower seat can be a great aid for the disabled and elderly by allowing them to relax and take the weight off… Read More »

Top 3 Best Shower Chairs For The Elderly

A good quality shower and bathtub chair can make a world of difference for the safety of the elderly when bathing. Each year, 2.8 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries.(1.)  Many of these injuries happen while slipping in the bath.  There are certain aids that can make a shower or… Read More »

Best Raised Toilet Seats For The Elderly And Disabled

Sitting down and standing up from the toilet seat can get more difficult as we age, therefore, a little boost can make using the toilet a lot easier. Raised toilet seats are an essential aid for not only elderly people but also anyone with a leg disability, such as post knee surgery or a hip replacement.… Read More »

Best Toilet Chair For the Disabled and Elderly

Getting up and down from the toilet can get more challenging as we age and also if we have a disability.  However, there are some tools that can make this challenge a lot easier, for example,  elevated toilet seats. Elevated toilet seats raise the height of the toilet to make it easier for a person… Read More »