Best Electric Beds For The Elderly

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Best Electric Beds For The Elderly

Throughout our lives we spend around a third of it sleeping on a bed.  As we age, getting in and out of bed can become more challenging, therefore, finding a specially designed bed becomes a good investment to make this process a whole lot easier.

When suffering from ailments like arthritis or osteoporosis, having a rail on the side of your bed can be a big help in assisting you in and out of it.  Also electric beds can make sitting up and lying down a lot easier, especially if you have to spend an extended period in bed.

In this article I will be reviewing my top choice of electric beds for the elderly or anyone else that needs a little help to get in and out of bed.

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My Top Recommended Pick Electric Bed For The Elderly Person

Invacare Full Electric Home Hospital Bed Package Mattress, Half Rail Set

Top Rated Electric Bed For Old Age Person

The InvaCare Electric Home Hospital Bed is the top selling electric bed on Amazon offering both comfort and convenience to the user and caregiver.

What makes an electric bed a worthwhile investment for an elderly person?

First of all the the bed can be adjusted in height to make access a lot easier.  The bed includes a mattress and when lowered to its minimum height, from the floor to the top of the mattress is only 15″.  This is pretty low and can be great for those that worry about falling out of the bed at a higher height.   When the bed is at its maximum, it will reach a height of 23″.  These adjustments can be made to suit the person  and can be at its maximum when entering the bed and lowered down to its minimum when its time for sleeping.

The bed package also comes with bed rails that can be attached to the sides of the bed which will add some safety to the bed.  These bed rails can be ideal for holding onto when getting in and out of the bed and also for making sure that the person doesn’t roll off the bed when sleeping.

Another feature I love about this bed is the motorized positioning of the upper bed and lower bed.   If you need to raise the upper part of the bed because you are suffering from acid reflux or are having difficulty breathing, then just by pressing a button on the pendant control, will raise the upper area up to a more comfortable angle.  This is also great for eating in bed, reading in bed or watching TV.  Not only can you adjust the upper half of the bed but all the lower part.  The knee area can be raised at an angle to allow the knees to be raised into a more comfortable position. This angle will put the person’s back and hips at the correct angle and can make lying in bed a lot more comfortable. This is feature will be wonderful for people suffering from lower back pain.

One thing that surprised me about this bed is that the noise of the electric motor is almost inaudible.  If you didn’t actually see the bed moving you wouldn’t know that the motor was running. It is that quiet.

The mattress of the bed is also very comfortable and is soft enough to allow a good night’s sleep.  You can also choose a foam or innerspring mattress depending on which you prefer.

Many people rent out a hospital style bed when they are recovering from surgery or need a lot of bed rest.  Over a few months the price of the rented bed can add up to a hefty expense.  Compare this to the InvaCare electric bed and you will see that this bed is actually very inexpensive.

If you would like to see the price of this electric bed and also read some reviews from satisfied customers, then follow this link to the Invacare Full Electric Home Hospital Bed.

Details :

  • Full motorized control for positioning the upper body, knees, and height of bed
  • Package comes with the Invacare bed, mattress and rails
  • Innerspring or foam mattress to choose from
  • Half rail or full rail to choose from
  • Sleep Surface: 80″ (L) x 36″ (W)
  • Weight capacity 450 lbs
  • 5 year warranty on frame, 2 year warranty on electrical
Invacare Full Electric Home Hospital Bed Package w/Innerspring Mattress, Half Rail Set