Best Safety Bed Rails For Elderly People

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Best Bed Safety Rail For The Elderly

According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, 2.8 million elderly people are treated in emergency departments for injuries due to falling.  Head injuries and hip fractures are some of the most common injuries from these falls (300,000 elderly people being hospitalized per year because of hip fractures due to falls).(1.)

One of the most common reasons for such high statistics is falling out of bed.   A bedroom can become a hazardous area for an elderly or disabled person if they need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  There are specially designed electronic beds with built in safety rails that can make sleeping a lot more secure, however, if a person doesn’t want to buy a full bed then there are attachable safety rails available to purchase.

In this article I will review some of the best safety bed rails for elderly people that will help ease a lot of the worry of bed falls and injuries.

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The Best Safety Bed Rail For Seniors

Stander EZ Adjust & Pivoting Adult Home Bed Rail

Top Rated Safety Bed Rail For Seniors

The EZ Adjust Bed Rail is a best seller on Amazon and functions as not only a bed rail but a bed handle also.  It’s versatility sets it apart from other leading bed rails.  The EZ Stander bed rail’s patented design allows the rail to extend in length to offer more security to the person in the bed (depending on how much of the bed you want protected).

The bed rail can also pivot downward when you need full access to the side of the bed.  There are buttons involved to lock the length of the rail of which I was concerned that these buttons may be difficult for an elderly person to press in.  However, I shouldn’t have been concerned as the buttons are easy to push, even by those with weaker hands.

The bed rail also comes equipped with an organizer pouch which is very convenient for keeping small items handy. The Stander EZ bed rail fits most regular, hospital and adjustable beds.  If you would like to see the price and customer reviews on this safety bed rail, then follow this link.

Details :

  • Adjustable length prevents the sleeper falling out of bed but also can be used as a hand rail to assist in getting out of bed
  • Bed rail easily adjusts from 26″- 34″- 42″ after it has been placed on the bed
  • When not in use the rail pivots down 180° to side of bed 
  • Can be placed on either side of the bed
  • Easy Assembly
  • Attaches to most home, hospital, and adjustable beds with safety strap included
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Stander EZ Adjust & Pivoting Adult Home Bed Rail

Best Budget Bed Rail For Older People

Bed Rail by Vive – Bed Assist Bar for Adults, Seniors, Elderly & Handicap

Bed Rail For Added Safety

This bed rail by Vive is not only very sturdy but also very easy to assemble (instruction sheet included).  When assembled, just slide it under the mattress on the side you want the extra safety, until the rail is up against the bed. The rail is not only great for preventing the sleeper from rolling out of bed, but also the foam grip is a useful aid for helping the person to sit up or stand up from the bed.

The rail is made of premium steel, is strong but not overly heavy.  I like the fact that it is secure once in place and doesn’t shift or move from the mattress. The rubber caps on the bottom legs offer good stability and also won’t damage wooden floors.

This bed rail is perfect for adults, especially the elderly or people recovering from surgery who may have a hard time sitting up on their own.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced safety bed rail, then I would recommend you have a look at this Bed Rail by Vive.

Details :

  • Is adjustable to fit beds of all sizes
  • Slip free foam handle for added safety and better grip
  • Rail is composed of four pieces
  • No tools required for simple assembly 
  • Made of premium steel
  • Strong, durable and easy to clean.
  • Rubber feet
Bed Rail by Vive

Double Sided Safety Bed Rail For Elderly People

Bed Rail for Home Style Beds by Drive


The majority of safety bed side rails protect the bed user on one side, which is fine if the bed is up against a wall but not great if the bed is in the middle of the room.  Drive have made a bed rail designed to protect both sides of the bed, which means the bed can be placed in any area of the room.

The bed rail can be adjusted to fit any standard home style beds. The rails can be adjusted (no tools needed) on both sides of the bed to lengths of 37″, 43″ or 57″.  This means that the rails can be positioned level with the top part of the bed, the middle, or most of the way down the bed.

The rails are secured by cross bars which pass between the mattress and the bed frame. The cross rails come with extensions that will accommodate any size home bed, from twin to king (Adjusts between 36″ and 72″).  To release the rail, pull the safety release knobs on each side of the rail. The safety bed rail then slides down with the spring-loaded release.

Click on the link to find out more details on this Drive Safety Bed Rail For Elderly Sleepers.

Details :

  • Can be adjusted to fit any standard home style beds
  • Can be adjusted without tools to lengths of 37″, 43″ or 57″
  • Cross rails can be adjusted between 36″ and 72″
  • At its tallest points (the ends on each rail side), the height is 25″
  • Rails themselves are about 21.25″ tall
  • Safety release knobs
  • Rail slides down with the spring-loaded release
  • Constructed of 1″ steel in an attractive brown vein finish
Bed Rail for Home Style Beds