Best Shower Wheelchairs For The Disabled

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Best Shower Wheelchairs For The Disabled

There are various types of wheelchairs available to purchase, however, not all are suitable for using in the shower.  A shower wheelchair is a handy aid that can help transfer a disabled person from their bedroom to the bathroom.  If the bathroom contains a bathtub, a transfer bench may also be needed.  However, if you have a shower stall, then the shower wheelchair can be wheeled into the stall, so the user can bathe without having to leave the wheelchair.

The following shower wheelchairs will all need a carer to push the back of the chair.

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My Top 3 Wheeled Shower Chairs For People With A Disability

Duro-Med Shower Transport Chair With Wheels –

Duro-Med Shower Transport Chair For The Disabled

The Duro-Med Shower Disability Wheelchair is a good quality, affordable wheeled chair, great for transporting from one room to the bathroom.  I like the fact that this chair can also conveniently double up as a toilet chair.  Just roll the chair over the toilet instead of transferring the person from wheelchair to the toilet bowl.

The wheels on this shower wheelchair are quite large, not only making it easier to roll over different surfaces (like carpets)  but also making it easier to push over the lip of the shower stall.  Getting over the shower stall lip can be quite a tricky point when transferring a disabled person into the shower, so this is definitely a positive.  The wheels also have a good locking system in the rear, to add stability and safety to the shower chair when bathing.

I also like the fact that the seat is made of a comfortable vinyl padding because too many shower chairs are made of that hard plastic that can be difficult on delicate skin, especially for the elderly.  Of course, there is a hole in the middle of the seat which is great for placing over the toilet bowl and also makes washing perineal areas that little bit easier.  The backrest is made of PVC, which is waterproof.

The seat is 21″ in height, a comfortable height for taller people but may be a little high for smaller people.  The wheelchair is pretty strong and sturdy with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

If you are looking for a disability wheelchair to transfer a person into the bathroom and shower, then the Duro-Med Shower Transport Chair is a great budget option.

Details –

  • Sturdy shower wheelchair will make it easier to transport a person with a disability to the bathroom and in and out of the shower.
  • The chair will also fit over a standard toilet, saving the effort of multiple transfers.
  • Large wheels roll easily over various surfaces, including carpets
  • Rear wheels lock in place.
  • Comfortable padded vinyl seat with a waterproof PVC backrest
  • Armrests help the person sit securely
  • Weight capacity : 250 pounds
  • Seat height : 21″
  • Seat width x depth : 16″ x 16″
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Overall size: 22″ x 22″ x 34″
  • Requires assembly with tools
  • Contains latex
Duro-Med Shower Transport Chair

Best 2-in-1 Commode / Shower Wheelchair For Easy Transfers

MedMobile® 2-in-1 Commode / Shower Wheelchair –

Strong Wheeled Shower Chair And Commode For Disabled Person

The MedMobile 2 in 1 Commode Shower Wheelchair is a high quality, durable constructed shower aid,  great for transporting a person with a disability to the bathroom and shower.

How is it different from the Duro-Med shower wheelchair above?  Well, first of all this shower wheelchair has removable leg rests.  These removable foot rests can make transportation a lot more comfortable for the disabled person.

Another feature I really like is that the MedMobile has drop-down armrests, making getting in and out of the chair that little bit easier.

Also this chair can be used as a bed side commode because there is a plastic bucket that slots in under the hole in the seat.  This is a great feature for using it as a toilet in the bedroom instead of having to make multiple transfers to the bathroom.   Of course when the wheelchair is being used for bathing, the bucket can be removed, allowing the shower water to drain through the hole.

The MedMobile shower wheelchair has a heavy duty powder coating steel frame and looks strong and sturdy.  However, its weight capacity is 250 lbs, the same as the Duro-Med shower wheelchair.

If you are looking for a strong and solid shower wheelchair, which doubles as a mobile toilet, then the MedMobile 2 in 1 commode and shower wheelchair is the perfect choice for you.

Details –

  • Shower wheelchair that can also be used as a bedside commode and mobile toilet
  • Removable footrests for more comfortable transfers
  • Drop down armrests for easier access
  • Removable toilet bucket and cover
  • Powder coating steel frame
  • Weight capacity : 250 lbs
  • Rear locking 5″ castors
  • 7.25″ clearance from floor
  • Floor to seat height : 20.5″
  • Width between armrests : 17.5″
  • Wheel to wheel width : 18″
  • Wheel to wheel depth : 20.5″
  • Wheel to handle height : 37″
  • Easy to assemble
MedMobile® 2-in-1 Commode / Shower Wheelchair

Best Budget Heavy Duty Shower Wheelchair For Heavier Disabled People

Healthline Aluminum Shower Chair / Bedside Commode –

Heavy Duty Shower Wheelchair For Heavy Disabled People

The Healthline Aluminum Shower Chair / Bedside Commode gets my pick for the heavy duty shower transfer chair for heavier disabled people.  I narrowed down my choice between this chair and the Standard Deluxe Shower PVC Commode Chair, however, since the Healthline shower chair is almost half the price of the Standard Deluxe (with similar qualities), then the Healthline gets my pick.

The only real difference between this shower chair and the previous two reviews is that this chair has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, so is better for the heavier individual.

However, two other features I really like about this chair is the handle bars at the back and also the footrest.  The handle bars are great for the caregiver, making it easier to push the chair around.  The footrest is always a good feature for a more comfortable transfer for the disabled person and also you can fold the footrest up when not in use.

A reviewer complained that the wheels on this shower chair are small making it a little more difficult to get over the lip of the shower stall.

If the person with a disability is between 250 and 300 lbs in weight, then it might be worth considering the Healthline Aluminum Shower Chair / Bedside Commode.

Details –

  • Shower chair with wheels that can also be used as a bedside commode
  • Dual plastic caster locking wheels
  • Padded seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tool free with removable backrest
  • Width : 21″
  • Seat width : 20.5″
  • Height : 38″
  • Depth : 16″
  • Arm to arm width : 18.25″
  • Weight capacity : 300 lbs
  • Commode pail and cover
Healthline Aluminum Shower Chair / Bedside Commode