Best Swivel Shower Chair For Disabled People

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Best Swivel Shower Chair For Disabled People

Fall prevention is extremely important to avoid injuries for older people and disabled people.(1.)  Bathroom injuries are one of the most common areas to slip and fall, so extra care should be taken to make sure the bathroom is as safe as possible for bathing.

If you or the person you are caring for finds it difficult to get into the bathtub or shower area, then a shower chair is worth considering.  Depending on your mobility and whether you are able to get in and out of the bathtub by yourself, there are a few different types of swivel chairs for you to choose from.  I have narrowed it down to 3 types here.

1. The Regular Swivel Stool :

This stool is the cheapest of the 3 and is suitable for those that can make their way into the bathtub and shower area without the need of an aid, i.e.  a transfer bench.

2. The Tub-Mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat :

A tub-mount transfer bench is a sliding bench that allows you to sit on a seat at the edge of the bathtub.  You then slide along the bench, lifting your legs over the bathtub wall one by one, until you are in the bathtub.  Not all sliding transfer benches have swivel seats.  A swivel seat will allow you to sit on the the seat facing outwards and then turn in towards the bathtub as you lift one leg over the bathtub wall one at a time.

3. The Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat :

This transfer bench is very similar to the tub-mount version, however,  this bench has two legs on the inside and two legs on the outside.  It is used like a bridge to transfer you from the outside of the bathtub to the inside.  If you have a very small bathroom, then this bench may take up too much room, especially if you need to access the bathroom by wheelchair or walker.

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The Best Budget Swivel Shower Chair For People With a Disability

Drive Medical Bath Stool With Padded Rotating Seat, White with Blue Seat –

Swivel Shower Chair For Bathing With A Disability

The Drive Medical Bath Stool is ideal for people that want a relaxing and comfortable shower with added safety and stability.  When sitting on regular shower chairs, quite often people have strained their muscles while turning to grab some shampoo.  This swivel shower chair allows the user to twist and turn without the strain, ideal for the elderly and disabled people.

The padded seat can rotate 360° but also locks in every 90° allowing you enough mobility to comfortably twist and turn.

I really like how the bath chair is so light at 7 lbs but is still strong and sturdy enough to have a weight limit of 450 lbs.  It is also suitable for small and tall users alike as the legs can be easily adjusted from 16″ to 23″ in height (in 1″ increments).

When the chair arrives it is very easy to assemble and no tools are needed.  Also I like how the padded seat is removable for easy cleaning.

The seat dimensions are Seat Diameter : 14″;   Seat Height : 16″-23″;   Outside Legs : 15″(D) x 15″(W) so make sure that your bathtub is large enough to accommodate these measurements.

If you are looking for a great quality, strong and stable swivel shower chair to help you bath with a disability then the Drive Medical Swivel Shower Chair is definitely a great option for you.

Details :

  • Padded seat rotates 360° reducing the need to over twist and reach for shower hose and shampoo etc
  • Locks every 90°
  • Easy tool-free assembly
  • Removable seat top for easy cleaning
  • Seat height can be adjusted from 16″ to 23″ (in 1″ increments)
  • Comes with removable tray for storing personal items
  • Dimensions : Seat : 14″ (D);  16″-23″ (H); Outside Legs: 15″(D) x 15″(W)
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
Drive Medical Bath Stool With Padded Rotating Seat

Top Rated Sliding Transfer Bench With Swivel Seat For Easier Access To Bathtubs

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat By Platinum Health –

Sliding Swivel Bathtub Benches

The Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench With Swivel Seat got my top pick for transfer benches because it ticks all the boxes for comfort, safety and stability.

I really like how the seat is padded for extra comfort and is nothing like the usual plastic seats that are pretty cold and lack grip.  This shower seat is contoured for comfort and even when wet will not become slippery.

Compared to other transfer benches, I also like that the seat has two armrests.  When sitting down and standing up from the chair, it is very important to feel stability, especially with a disability.  These padded armrests provide good grip and are very secure.  What’s more, they can be lifted up to allow easier access and then locked in place when the person is sitting and ready to transfer.  If that is not enough, the armrests can also be width adjusted to fit smaller people more securely and to give larger people that extra bit of space.

This transfer bench is a medical grade product that is used in hospitals and caring homes throughout the country.  It is a top quality bench that is suitable for smaller bathrooms as well as large.  For all bathroom products, make sure that the bathroom is measured before purchasing.

The Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench  is an ideal transfer bench for the elderly and those with sensitive skin because the padded seat is built for comfort and is gentle on easy to tear skin.

If you are looking for a professional grade transfer bench with swivel seat to help a disabled person enter the bathtub, then I highly recommend the Carousel Sliding Transfer bench with Swivel Seat by Platinum Health.

Details :

  • Medical grade Transfer Bench used in hospitals and caring homes
  • Dimensions : Max height 25.5″, width  33″, depth 19.5″
  • Adjustable armrest width from 17″ to 19″
  • Weight capacity : 330 lbs
  • Padded and contoured seat for comfort and skin tear prevention
  • Padded armrests that can be raised up and locked down for added stability
  • Armrests can be adjusted to suit smaller and larger people for added security
  • Seat does not absorb water and is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Seat belt included
  • Blue color seat specially designed to contrast with bathtub surroundings, for visually impaired safety
  • Platinum Health has top quality Customer Service
Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

Top Recommended Transfer Shower Bench With Swivel Seat And Back (Two Leg – Inside Bathtub)

Snap-n-Save Sliding Tub-Mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat & Back –

Sliding Swivel Inside Bathtub Benches

Another Sliding Shower Bench with Shower Seat, however, this one only has two legs, placed on the inside of the bathtub.  Unlike the Platinum health transfer bench above, that had two legs on the inside and outside of the bathtub, the Eagle Brand Snap and Save Transfer Bench is mounted to the bathtub edge.

It is similar to the four leg transfer bench but it does save more space in your bathroom.   It also has a swivel chair that faces outwards at the edge of the bathtub wall and will be more suitable for disabled people that would prefer to mount the transfer bench at the edge of the bathtub.

If you are worried about the stability of the bench, do not worry because the bench clasps very securely to the side of the bathtub (without scratching the tub).

If you are looking for a transfer bench that saves space by only being inside the bathtub, then the Eagle Brand Snap-n-Save Sliding Tub-Mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat & Back will be a good option to choose.

Details :

  • Bathroom space saver
  • Seat and back swivels 360°
  • Tub measurement requirements :
    Tub Wall Width: 2.75″ – 5.75”
    Inside Tub Width (at Bottom): 16.5″ (minimum)
    Inside Tub Width (at Top): 23″ (minimum)
    Tub Wall Height (inside): 13″ – 17.5″
  • Seat Size: 17.75″ x 14.75″
  • Weight capacity : 350 lbs
  • Mounts onto the tub wall
  • Transfer bench clamps to the side of tub without scratching
  • Non-slip seat surface prevents sliding off the bench
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Height adjustable to fit bathtub height
Snap-n-Save Sliding Tub-Mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat & Back

 Carousel Transfer Bench With Swivel Seat For Disabled People

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    My wife hasn’t been able to walk for 20 months now, we need to use a “Hoyer” lift to get her out of her hospital bed and into her wheel chair or, her recliner. The main problem I see using your swivel bath chair is having to use the Hoyer lift. The legs on the lift are approx. 9 to 10 inches shorter than what they need to be to be able to set up on the Colette is to attach the hoisting lift clips to lift Evelyn up or to sit her down into the chair. Now, my next question is to find out where the rings are that clip onto the attachments to actually show that something is being done here!. We “ourselves” do not need to worry about too much rail sitting outside the bath tub. The more rail, the better! , now going on that fact, if there is an extension that can be put onto the rail legs to make them longer, That would fabulous! Just let me know the price?

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