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Top Rated Best Shower Seats For The Disabled and Elderly

Taking a shower and getting into the bathtub can be a difficult process when dealing with a disability.  A transfer bench is an ideal way to get in and out, however a simple shower seat can be a great aid for the disabled and elderly by allowing them to relax and take the weight off… Read More »

Top 3 Best Shower Chairs For The Elderly

A good quality shower and bathtub chair can make a world of difference for the safety of the elderly when bathing. Each year, 2.8 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries.(1.)  Many of these injuries happen while slipping in the bath.  There are certain aids that can make a shower or… Read More »

Best Raised Toilet Seats For The Elderly And Disabled

Sitting down and standing up from the toilet seat can get more difficult as we age, therefore, a little boost can make using the toilet a lot easier. Raised toilet seats are an essential aid for not only elderly people but also anyone with a leg disability, such as post knee surgery or a hip replacement.… Read More »

Best Toilet Chair For the Disabled and Elderly

Getting up and down from the toilet can get more challenging as we age and also if we have a disability.  However, there are some tools that can make this challenge a lot easier, for example,  elevated toilet seats. Elevated toilet seats raise the height of the toilet to make it easier for a person… Read More »

Best Shower Wheelchairs For The Disabled

There are various types of wheelchairs available to purchase, however, not all are suitable for using in the shower.  A shower wheelchair is a handy aid that can help transfer a disabled person from their bedroom to the bathroom.  If the bathroom contains a bathtub, a transfer bench may also be needed.  However, if you have a… Read More »

Best Swivel Shower Chair For Disabled People

Fall prevention is extremely important to avoid injuries for older people and disabled people.(1.)  Bathroom injuries are one of the most common areas to slip and fall, so extra care should be taken to make sure the bathroom is as safe as possible for bathing. If you or the person you are caring for finds… Read More »

Best Elevated Toilet Seats For The Disabled

When living with a disability, making their way to the toilet can be a challenge disabled people face many times in a day.  Not only is getting to the bathroom difficult but getting up and down from the toilet bowl can also be testing. There are a few different types of aids that a disabled… Read More »

Best Budget Bath Chairs For The Disabled Under $50

When it comes to any type of product online, there are varying prices and quality.  Just because one brand is twice the price of another brand, it doesn’t mean the quality is twice as good.  The motto ‘You Get What You Pay For’ stands true for many purchases, however, I do love to find bargains,… Read More »

Best Rolling Shower Chairs For The Disabled

When a person can no longer stand for long periods or is recovering from leg or hip surgery, then taking a shower can be hard work.  There are a number of aids that can be used to make showering a lot easier and more comfortable, for example, shower chairs and transfer benches.  However, a rolling… Read More »

Top Rated Shower Benches For The Disabled

The most common location for fall injuries in the home is the bathroom.(1.) Getting in and out of the bathtub can be quite challenging if you are disabled, however, a sliding transfer bench can make life a lot easier when it comes to taking a shower.  When entering a bathtub, there is a chance of a… Read More »