How To Use A Transfer Bench For The Bathtub And Shower

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How To Use A Transfer Bench For The Bathtub And Shower

How To Use A Transfer Bench For The Bathtub And ShowerIf you or the person you are caring for finds it difficult to get in and out of the bathtub, then a transfer bench is an excellent device to make the whole process a lot easier.(1.)  For example, a person that is recovering from hip surgery will find it very difficult to lift their legs over the bathtub walls, however, by sitting on a transfer bench, it will take a lot of the effort and strain off of the hips and legs because the person can lift them over the bathtub walls with their hands.

Transfer benches are extremely easy to use, however, these two videos will show you exactly how to use them (Both videos are similar but each one has some valuable tips).  If you would like to read the instructions, they are after the videos.

Demonstration: Using a Tub Transfer Bench


How to use a Bath Tub Transfer Bench


How To Use A Transfer Bench – Instructions :

  • Two legs of the transfer bench should be placed inside the bathtub and two legs on the outside.  The legs are height adjustable (normally in 1/2″ increments), therefore, you can lengthen the four legs or just the outside two legs in case there is a height difference between the tub and floor.  Measure the height of the bathtub wall from the floor to the top of the bathtub wall before you buy a transfer bench, just to make sure that the maximum height of the transfer bench will comfortably fit over the bathtub wall.
  • When entering the bathroom, you might be arriving with a cane, walker or unaided.  Just walk up to the bench and turn around.  Back your way into the transfer bench until the backs of your legs are against the edge.  Place your hands on the sides of the bench and sit down.  Push yourself back a bit until you are comfortably on the bench.
  • Turn around until you are in line with the bathtub wall and then lift your inside leg over the wall.  Then lift your outside leg over the bathtub wall.  Finally, slide yourself over until you are against the backrest.
  • After bathing, dry your feet as much as possible and slide to the edge of the bathtub wall, lift the outside leg over the bathtub wall and then the other leg.  Turn to face outwards and stand up.


In both videos there is a tip on how to prevent the shower water from flowing out from under the shower curtain.  Video 1 advises to cut two slits the width of the bench so that the shower curtain can drape over the transfer bench.  Video 2 points out that many transfer benches have a slit in the bench that you can stick the shower curtain into.

The transfer benches in these videos are basic benches and are affordable and easy to use.  However, you can purchase sliding transfer benches or sliding swivel transfer benches that can make the whole transfer process even easier and more comfortable.

As stated in the first video above, if you are able to lift your legs over the bathtub unaided, then a simple shower chair may be all you need to have a comfortable shower.

I hope you found this article on ‘how to use a transfer bench’ helpful.  Have a nice day.