Top Rated Shower Benches For The Disabled

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The most common location for fall injuries in the home is the bathroom.(1.) Getting in and out of the bathtub can be quite challenging if you are disabled, however, a sliding transfer bench can make life a lot easier when it comes to taking a shower.  When entering a bathtub, there is a chance of a dangerous slip or fall but the beauty of the transfer bench is that a person never needs to leave the seat when climbing over the bathtub wall.  An interesting statistic is that you are almost 5 times more likely to injure yourself getting out of the bathtub than getting in.(2.)

A transfer bench is an extremely useful aid for wheelchair and walker users, and for people that find it difficult to stand for periods of time in the shower.

All the transfer benches I am reviewing are great quality products, however, some are more expensive than others.  You can choose which bench suits your budget, and rest assured that the bench will be of very good quality.

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My #1 Recommended Sliding Transfer Bench For The Disabled

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat –

Sliding Swivel Bathtub Benches

The Carousel sliding transfer bench is a professional grade product that is used in hospitals and nursing homes throughout the country.  It is the most expensive bench I am reviewing, however, it does offer a lot.

Firstly, I really like how the seat is made of medical grade padding on the seat, back and arms. The medical-grade, closed-cell molded polyurethane padding is slip resistant for added safety and because it does not absorb water, it is easy to clean and disinfect.  This padding is very comfortable to sit on and is ideal for those with delicate skin.

Secondly, the swivel chair allows for easier transfer because the chair can face outwards.  This means it is easier to get on the chair, especially if you are transferring from a wheelchair to the transfer bench.  It is also space saving compared to a standard transfer bench because the Carousel doesn’t need to protrude out from the bathtub as much.

Thirdly,  another nice feature is the the ability to pivot and adjust the width of the armrests.  The pivoting feature allows the user to lift up the armrest for easier transfer and once they are sitting safely on the seat, they can lower the armrest to lock in place.  Not only this but the armrests can be width adjusted to fit the size of the user.  Widened for larger individuals and narrowed for smaller users.

Finally, many shower benches are made with light standard colors like white, cream or grey.  For the visually impaired  or patients suffering from dementia, it may be difficult to see the difference between the chair/bench and the bathtub.  This difficulty differentiating the bench and bathtub can cause serious accidents.  The Carousel transfer chair is specially made with a blue color to contrast with the background, making it easier for patients to see the difference.  This simple change in color can help prevent slipping, trips and falls.

If you are looking for a medical grade, swivel and sliding transfer bench that is used in hospitals, nursing and care homes, then the Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench by Platinum Health is an ideal choice for you.

Details –

  • Professional grade sliding shower transfer bench
  • Weight capacity : 330 lbs
  • Dimensions : Max height 25.5″, width  33″, depth 19.5″
  • Adjustable armrest width from 17″ to 19″
  • Lift up and down armrests for easier transfer
  • Padded seat, back and armrest for more comfort and skin tear prevention
  • Seat does not absorb water and is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Blue contrasting color is easier to see compared to the bathtub, for those that are visually impaired
Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

Best Sliding Shower Bench For Heavy And Severly Disabled People

Duro-Med Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench Shower Chair with Cut-out Seat and Adjustable Legs –

Heavy Duty Transfer Shower Bench For Heavy Disabled People

The Duro-Med heavy duty sliding transfer bench is a solid and sturdy bench with a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

What makes this transfer shower chair a little different to the others is the cut out seat feature.  This feature is ideal for people that cannot stand up while in the shower.  The cut out area allows the person to clean private areas of the body without the need to stand up from the seat.

The seat is made of textured plastic that provides a safe, non-slip surface.  There is the added safety of a nylon strap to secure the person in place.

If you are looking for a lightweight but strong transfer shower chair that has a cut out area for perineal cleaning, then the Duro-Med Heavy Duty Shower Bench is a great choice for you.

Details –

  • Color : Grey
  • Weight capacity : 400 lbs
  • Removable cut out seat for perineal cleaning
  • Non-slip textured plastic seat
  • Lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame
  • Nylon safety strap
  • Dimensions : Seat height adjusts from 19″ to 23″, in one inch increments
  • Seat size: 19″ x 14″
  • Total dimensions: 39″ x 18″ x 37″
  • Easy assembly – No tools required
Duro-Med Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench Shower Chair with Cut-out Seat

Best Budget Sliding Shower Benches For The Disabled

Drive Medical Plastic Transfer Bench with 3 Position Backrest –

Drive Medical Budget Shower Transfer Chair

With the Drive Medical Plastic Transfer Bench, I just wanted to show you that you can find a bargain shower transfer bench for around the $50 mark.

Is it a good quality transfer bench?  Of course.  It is made by Drive Medical, a company with a very good reputation in the medical care industry.

First of all, it has a weight capacity of 400 lbs, meaning it is as heavy duty as any other transfer bench on the market. The frame is made of aluminum and the seat is made of molded plastic.

The legs can be extended in half inch increments to elevate the seat from 17.5″ to 21.5″.  The legs also have two extra large suction cups (for the bathtub side), to provide extra stability and safety.

If you are looking for a basic, good value, heavy duty shower transfer chair, then the Drive Medical Plastic Transfer Bench is a great option for you.

Details –

  • Color : Grey
  • Weight capacity : 400 lbs
  • Durable blow-molded plastic bench and backrest
  • Pinch-free lever allows for push pins to be depressed without pinching fingers
  • Reversible to accommodate any bathroom
  • Two extra large suction cups (legs), for added stability and safety
  • Outside Legs: 23″(D) x 32″(W)
  • Seat depth: 18.5″ – 19.5″
  • Seat width: 26″
  • Seat to floor height: 17.5″ – 21.5″
  • Height adjusts in 1/2″ increments
  • Good value
Drive Medical Plastic Transfer Bench with 3 Position Backrest